Cloud computing has dominated the business technology landscape for over a decade now, and RightWay Incs has spent that period perfecting the art of developing cloud-based apps and migrating on-premises systems into the cloud. We can optimize your current cloud solutions by standardizing outmoded environments, consolidating infrastructures and otherwise modernizing individual resources.


What is a cloud-based application?

Cloud computing is a platform where any kind of application lands on to run virtually. Sharing computing resources rather than a personal device or local server to handle application is cloud-based application. Throw your delivery facilities and networking infrastructure into the “cloud”. We literally put you in “cloud” with your feet very much grounded! We stretch the limits of computing for your business with our customized cloud computing solutions. With cloud computing, the expenditure for hardware installations, servers, and other infrastructure facilities are minimized, allowing enterprises to focus on their core business processes. Additionally, the maintenance cost is far too low.

Our cloud-based services relieve you from the bother of hosting, servers and other mundane worries. We at RightWay  provide your business with world-class facilities for:

  • data storage, archiving, accessing and, disaster recovery
  • secure and reliable analytics
  • scalable and low-cost web sites and web app hosting
  • low-cost maintenance of existing apps
  • high-powered computing solutions to resolve complex problems
  • wide-ranging services to develop mobile apps
  • Internet of Things to scale billions of devices
  • Accelerated delivery of audio/video content, APIs


Secure, Flexible and Scalable

Cloud Computing offers security, flexibility, and scalability to the organizations in an increasingly connected world.

Cost Effective

Cloud applications development is an innovative choice wherein there is no need to install any software. Charges are applicable only per the usage fee as a result.

Improve Customer Experience

Cloud Technology offers tools and services for improving customer the experience thus booming the company growth.

Increase Team Collaboration

Cloud Technology makes team communication highly efficient and robust. It also improves team accountability with better record keeping.

Truly Custom Cloud Solutions

Cloud App Development

We develop and deploy custom cloud-based apps, that are designed to be future-proof, browser-agnostic and highly scalable. We combine mobile-first design techniques with rich database functionality and inscrutable server-side programming to create high-performance enterprise cloud apps, including CRMs, ERPs and much more. We can deploy cloud apps in private, public or hybrid environments.

Cloud Migration Services

We work in close association with the managed services team and IT team to migrate workflows, apps and whole enterprise infrastructures to the cloud by using thoughtful migration methods to ensure data integrity and limit system downtime. We also supply platform and infrastructure refactoring services, when necessary. We opt for parallel and automated migrations methods whenever possible.

Integrated Cloud Solutions

Consolidating your services and applications in the cloud (or as a hybrid solution with on-premises servers) is critical for eliminating isolated data and ensuring mission-critical processes from one another. We leverage enterprise service-oriented architectures to streamline data flows and publish your APIs in the cloud to facilitate easy third-party integrations.

Cloud App Containerization

We provide app containerization services; extracting operation system kernels so that multiple cloud applications perform consistently in any environment they are being deployed to. We are specialized in Docker containers maximum scalability, facilitating effortless remediation and accelerated development process but we can also opt for Docker-less containers when the need arises.

“As-a-Service” Development

In addition to creating Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solutions for a variety of use cases – including CRMs, social media, ERPs, marketing automation, geo-locating services and document management – we have experience writing code for various Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) and Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) builds.

Multi-Cloud Programming Solutions

We can construct community-based, distributed, inter-cloud and multi-cloud solutions to guard against disastrous system outages or data losses. We have experience building cloud apps that live on most popular IaaS offerings – Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud Platform, to name a few – as well as combinations of multiple hosts.

Our Cloud Expertise

Amazon AWS Consulting Services

RightWay helps you navigate the complete AWS suite of cloud services and model your cloud strategy for getting the most out of AWS. We are end-to-end Amazon Web Services Consultants.

Microsoft Azure Consulting Services

RightWay helps you navigate the complete AWS suite of cloud services and model your cloud strategy for getting the most out of AWS. We are end-to-end Amazon Web Services Consultants.

Google Cloud Services

RightWay’s, a team of enthusiastic cloud developers, help organizations achieve their business objectives and plans by adopting, managing and enhancing cloud solutions. We offer specialized services around Google Cloud Enterprise