Automating end-to-end delivery processes across cloud platforms for increased efficiency, faster time-to-market and reduced cost. Create, orchestrate and connect Digital components on-the-go with DevOps.

DevOps brings together people & technology, processes, automating software product delivery in order to offer continuous value to your users. With our DevOps solutions & services, we deliver software more reliable and faster — no matter what technologies & tools you are using or how big your IT department.

In the last few years, software development and delivery has transitioned a lot right from a dispersed approach (comprised of development, testing, and operations executed by various teams) to a continual approach (comprised of development, testing, operations and maintenance happening in a chronological manner by a closely built, collaborative team).

Today, there is a need for implementing digital technology for businesses which speed up the software development process with an enhancement in the software quality. At DevOps is one of the game changers, making this shift possible by accelerating software delivery and easing the cross-stage transitions that occur throughout the software life cycle. This brings different stakeholders from business, development and operations teams together to streamline software delivery. DevOps is highly inclined towards a cultural shift combined with automation techniques, that help organizations to automate and ease the process of configuration, environment set-up, deployment, monitoring, and testing. This ultimately saves a huge amount of energy, time and money for businesses, providing them an opportunity to stay ahead of technology disruptions and drive innovation.

At RightWay, we offer comprehensive DevOps Services in order to give your business highly scalable, agile and techno-driven IT solutions. We deliver cutting-edge DevOps Consulting Services which accomplish prime challenges of development. Our high-end DevOps Solutions help your company in automating and optimizing complete IT processes, more efficiently. Moreover, it allows you to implement your obsolete system into an efficient multifaceted system to enhance productivity and accelerate your processes. In brief, by collaborating the development and operation processes, DevOps offer unmatched solutions that comprise the highest quality and performance.


DevOps Offerings

DevOps Consulting Services
We leverage DevOps consulting services to accelerate speed-to-market. Our domain expertise covers server support, server orchestration, virtualization, and server security.
Infrastructure Automation
Our IT infrastructure automation services assist enterprises to accelerate their IT operations to achieve the pinnacle of success in their IT operations.
DevOps Configuration Management
Avail an extensive arrangement of tools for increased agility and faster issue determination leveraging the supreme quality of services. We have the expertise to manage your lean operations.
Continuous Integration & Deployment
Our DevOps team provides solutions & services with continuous delivery services and continuous integration to test, safely build and release quality code using a variety of tools.
Infrastructure Monitoring
We empower IT operations with the vendor- agnostic infrastructure- and cloud monitoring and management. We pre-empt hurdles before they occur; maintaining 100% systems performance.
Platform-As-A-Service (Paas)
We are offering DevOps as a service and owning this expertise to provide comprehensive DevOps software development services like planning and strategy execution.

We Align Devs & Ops Effectively

Our DevOps team uses best-in-class development tools and state-of-the-art operations to scale up your business and bring you the best of both worlds.

Technical Benefits
Continuous software delivery, facilitates release planning, Effective issue resolution
Business Benefits
Faster delivery of feature, stabilized operating environments, free time to add value

DevOps Benefits

DevOps offers a range of technical, cultural and business benefits such as less complexity to manage, more productive teams and more stable operating environments.

  • Business Benefits
  • Increased customer satisfaction level and retention rate
  • Reduced time to response
  • Improvised business performance
  • Operations aligned to business goals
  • Improved business agility
  • Improved employee productivity and satisfaction
  • Cost benefits in the long run
  • Operational Benefits
  • Faster delivery and time to market
  • Improvised release control and versioning
  • Enhanced speed of software development
  • Timely and frequent software releases
  • Improved collaboration among the team members
  • Reduced time for action
  • Less operational and overhead costs


DevOps Technologies Stack

Technology stack for all your DevOps needs that allow the integration of project changes more easily and provide the organization’s ability to provision, secure and run any infrastructure for any application, meeting compliance and regulatory requirements.

How DevOps Works?

DevOps journey requires preparation for a cultural shift, code change committed to secure control system triggers, automated test, application deployment to test the environment and monitoring for continuously high performance. RightWay has been a key player in DevOps Transformation for many global enterprises. We offer DevOps solutions and services across the entire lifecycle right from addressing diverse customer needs, assessment to implementation to operations. Leveraging a homegrown, Cloud automation manager framework (a multi-cloud, self-service management platform) – we address the E2E application life cycle management activities encompassing Develop, Deploy & Operate.

Our 3-step DevOps transformation framework helps customers to achieve their key goals of DevOps program via. agile delivery, continuous integration, change management, tools & process rationalization, best practices and provides metrics to track, monitor the effectiveness of DevOps implementation.



  • Gap analysis for Continuous Improvement and Delivery
  • KPIs, SLAs and metrics to monitor
  • Technology tools and scripts for automation
  • Assess organization maturity, readiness, workflows, and security aspects in an enterprise
  • Develop DevOps roadmap adoption to support multiple IT operations


  • Baseline and standardize metrics, and SLAs
  • Comprehensive Agile DevOps training and workshops
  • Automation tools to support deployment, continuous delivery and automation
  • DevOps Governance model for continual evolution of DevOps
  • DevOps Intelligence platforms and dashboards


  • Track, Monitor SLAs and metrics
  • Outcomes/metrics-based monitoring
  • Enterprise wide DevOps best practices – Project, adoption standards, Program and Portfolio level

Accelerators & Frameworks

We have proven experience in assisting our customers’ business, scale and speed up their DevOps adoption process. We have developed multiple solution accelerators to assist our customers to achieve standardize software delivery processes, increased automation and reduce risk.

DEVOPS TOOLING PLATFORM: Select the right set of infrastructure solutions and tools

CLOUD AUTOMATION MANAGER: Manage organization workloads with flexibility and securely over multiple clouds at speed and from a unified interface

TEST AUTOMATION MANAGER: Automated test approach to perform performance, security and functional testing