Enterprise Mobility

Enterprise mobility solutions & management services, aimed at
building highly scalable and secure solutions.

Get highly sophisticated enterprise mobility services across all major mobile platforms and associated backend technologies, right from shaping ideas to deployment with RightWay.

What is Enterprise Mobility?

Smartphone apps increased tremendously with the exponential rise in Mobile Devices users in the past 10 years. It enabled users to work more efficiently and allowed easier, swifter and more organized operability. This leads to the birth of Enterprise Mobility and suddenly there was a huge requirement to manage these mobile devices and users. Enterprise mobility helps to achieve companies to become highly efficient in the technology part, reach new customers, create irresistible customer service experiences and promote active employee engagement. Enterprise mobility solutions also help to reduce operational costs as employees often tend to use their own mobile devices for work.

RightWay offer a range of enterprise mobility services connecting people, devices, applications and processes to drive toward mobile-empowered businesses. Backed by strong domain and technical expertise, we help enterprises strategically use mobility to connect people and process ultimately transforming businesses. We strategically use BYOD, Mobility Consulting, EMM, App Engineering or leveraging emerging technologies like IoT, Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality. Our ultimate goal is to help enterprises benefit from the potential of enterprise mobility.

At RightWay, our team helps you define your business processes and accelerate growth by designing efficient mobility solutions. Our team of mobility experts works with your organization to implement customized mobility solutions. We strive to improve employee interactivity and create seamless experiences for customers having real-time engagements with the field force.

Advantages of Enterprise Mobility Apps

Enterprise mobility services offer multiple advantages

Improved productivity:

Enterprise mobility applications are extremely beneficial to employee productivity. Offering access to key office apps on personal devices enables them to accomplish crucial business requirements at a glance. For example, an employee stuck in traffic can answer time-sensitive emails without any delay. An IT personnel doing an audit can enter related data into the system on site instead of desktop. This encourages digital communication, leading to more effective interaction and collaboration.

Improved customer experience:

Enterprise mobility offers access to necessary data at any stage. Enterprise mobility solutions allow users share a device screen with a customer or colleague with ease. This enhances the customer experience as well as knowledge sharing and learning opportunities. It also promotes data accuracy and process improvement by providing chat, social media, and video tools to complement traditional email. All this contributes to the huge improved customer experience.

Process efficiency and cost reduction:

Enterprise mobility’s ability to function on employees’ personal devices saves time on training being needed to master the mechanics of any multi-function, company- bought the device. They can record and enter location-specific data that leads to process improvement and increased efficiency.

Decreased paperwork:

Shifting information flow to digital channels, and making them more accessible to the users cuts down paperwork. Costs for ink, paper and other supplies are also reduced. Chances of information loss are less, that leads to a more systematic workflow.

Our Capabilities

We provide Enterprise mobility solutions that connect people, processes and technology.

Enterprise Mobility Consulting:

Our team draws on deep industry experience to help businesses reach out to their customers effectively. Get maximum benefit from mobility initiatives with our enterprise mobile planning & consulting. We help large enterprises leverage technologies such as cloud, big data, as well as use context and location-based data to influence companies’ functions.

  • Analyze, design, implement, test and integrate systems
  • Help to create a functional/non-functional prototype for your product features
  • Analyze and evaluate the device compatibility and viability of the product in detail
  • Functional and technical requirements analysis

Enterprise Mobile App Design and Development:

Our team partners with enterprises in full lifecycle application projects to take on complete responsibility for analysis, design, implementation, testing, and integration of systems. We offer mobile app design and development solutions to overcome the most challenging IT problems with experience across all major industries.

  • Streamline application design and development.
  • Develop use cases to get user behavior insights for improved actionable results.
  • Training and support for the hassle-free running of your mobile programs.

App Security:

Our team of mobility experts establish secure policies, monitor, manage and test potential threats. We develop a mobile architecture that comprises hardware, software platforms, and communication protocols. We not only define the role of mobility for the company but also determine the optimal applications for mobility.

  • Build enhanced digital capabilities by connecting to legacy backend systems inside an enterprise organization
  • Integrating security in the application development lifecycle for existing applications
  • Adopt new development approaches and continuously deliver secure solutions

Mobile Information Management:

MIM/ MCM solutions for new era enterprises to safely deposit secure and sensitive data for maximum safety. Mobile Information Management (MIM) used to secure and manage the sensitive, business-critical data used in the enterprise on mobile devices.

  • Pre-defined data management rules
  • Third party integrations
  • Easy content location search features
  • Secure image/video/audio capturing

Mobile Device Management:

Our team helps you implement an effective EMM, BYOD policy, MDM policies to safeguard critical business information. Our MDM solutions help enterprises to manage and monitor any corporate or employee-owned mobile device or desktop that accesses business-critical data.

  • Function with multiple service providers
  • Customize to comply with company policy and requirements.
  • Integrate with the current existing IT, administrative, and application systems
  • Efficiently manage your organization’s iOS, Android & Windows devices.

Our Enterprise Mobility Solutions

Enterprise Mobility Management Solutions to Drive towards Excellence

Application Deployment:

Manage releases right from planning, testing, production thus driving collaboration.

Device Authentication:

Ensure that mobile users across enterprises have access anytime and anywhere.

User Authorization:

Improved customer experience solutions for mobile user authentication.

Version Control Management:

Related services from integration, migration, testing, and maintenance.

Geo Location-Based Authentication:

Geo Location authentication proving an individual’s identity and authenticity.

Push Notifications:

Connect with mobile users by means of push notifications and in-app messaging.

Data Security:

Protect sensitive information and data with consulting, implementation & managed services.

Statistics & Reports:

Accurately and effectively analyze data and gain actionable business insights.


Transform data into interactive business intelligence dashboards.

Policy Management:

Simplify all necessary aspects of policy management across your business.

Remote Data Wipe:

Security solutions for enterprise to remote wipe shared devices.