Telecom & Engineering

Telecom Solutions to Enhance Business Value

We help our telecom industry clients improve their time to market capabilities, operational efficiencies, drive innovation and meet operational objectives.

Today’s service providers are faced by radical changes to their business environment, and they have been largely working to create leaner operations, the mechanics of doing business has changed over the years leading to transformations in the business model. CSPs are fast evolving from a legacy communication service provider to a cloud, IP broadband and IT platform provider with a great focus on the business segment. The traditional services would now contribute to roughly 38% of the total business and the focus would be more on the next-gen services which would include hi-speed internet, wireless, OTT/IPTV, IoT, hosted VoIP among others. Every wave of innovation gives opportunities to rebalance strategies. The CSPs should adopt a four-pronged strategy to regain the market position.

Telecom organizations are not at all restricted by business process and legacy technology and are discovering traditional business models by innovations in engagement and customer experience, product structure, and service management and delivery. On the other hand, traditional Telecommunication Services Providers – given the complexity of their estates – are finding it difficult to make the tectonic shift because not all of them are invested across the maturity curve to improve their connectedness with the business ecosystem. Our end-to-end solutions framework is a comprehensive approach to increase efficiency, drive cost reductions and foster innovation.


Custom Telecom Software Development


For more than 13 years, our custom telecom solutions have been powering global leaders in telecommunications, such as T-Mobile and Orange, as well as aspiring start-ups like Viber (grew to over 750 mln users).

1. Operations Support Systems (OSS)

We help telcos ensure that their networks run like clockwork.

a. VoIP-based services

With a huge experience of delivering VoIP solutions, we create:

  • Server-side applications for soft switches;
  • Customized SIP-clients.

b. Monitoring

Based on ServiceNow, our customized solutions allow for managing multiple operations effectively:

  • Network resources inventory;
  • Performance management;
  • Fault management;
  • Trouble ticketing;
  • Fraud protection.


2. Business Support Systems (BSS)

Our clients are able to run the businesses in step with the change and create a fully new business model thanks to:

a. Charging and billing systems

  • Subscribers to have instant control over their plans as well as benefit from multiple offerings;
  • Operators to create various pricing models and personalized offers for several customer segments  (thanks to CRM integration).


3. CRM systems

Engage with subscribers in multiple ways:

  • Customer account management: channel activity, tracking order history, promotion response, and others;
  • Loyalty program management: promotions and information on services and products, creating tailored offers;
  • Customer retention: predicting customer churn and increasing customer loyalty and value by using advanced analytics.


4. Corporate portals

Secure and fast portals that help your team to benefit from:

  • Business workflow automation;
  • Project and task management;
  • Corporate knowledge base;
  • Workforce management;
  • Procurement management;
  • Document management.


5. Custom web and mobile applications

Increase business agility with a custom application that is tailored to meet your specific needs. These are few examples of the custom applications we have implemented recently:

  • Mobile number portability system;
  • Sales force automation system.


6. Customized VAS (Value Added Services) Software

We help telcos extend their offerings with:

  • VoIP apps;
  • IPTV apps.